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Stocks are one of the most popular investments among retail investors. They represent ownership in a company and enable shareholders to share in its success. Exchange traded stocks are mostly liquid, traded with transparency in well-regulated markets.

HSBC Broking offers comprehensive broking services in major stock markets around the world, including Hong Kong SAR, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and more. We also provide securities trading services under Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect to help you capture investment opportunities in the China A-share market.

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Bond is an essential element in today's wealth management. It has similar characteristics to loans where bondholders earn a return. Many investors purchase fixed income bonds to achieve a steady return over the life of the investment or to counter-balance other volatile assets in their portfolios.

We access a wide range of bonds of different credit ratings, maturity types and payment terms to meet the needs of principal protection, interest income or capital gain.

Foreign Exchange
Foreign exchange is a deep and matured market. It not only facilitates international trade settlements, but also offers investment and trading opportunities.

HSBC Broking offers competitive quotes in major currencies to facilitate foreign currency investment and margin trading. While our dealers monitor market events closely, your account executives will provide you with the latest market developments upon request.

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Precious Metals
Precious metals are often regarded as universal currencies or commodities with proven commercial, industrial or investment value. Many central banks hold gold as core reserves; some retail investors use it as alternative investment.

HSBC Broking helps investors trade in the spot gold and silver market, on a fully paid or margin basis. In addition, customers can choose to trade a wider range of precious metals in the form of futures and options.

Exchange-traded Commodities
Commodities such as crude oil, copper, soybean and cotton are traditionally used by professional traders only. Today, they are available to retail investors through futures and options contracts trading at major mercantile exchanges. The commodity futures markets are now broadly utilized by professional traders, retail investors, commodity merchants, producers and users for investment, trading and hedging purposes.

We offer execution services in a comprehensive range of hard and soft commodities, traded at major exchanges in London, Chicago and New York. We are a pioneer in introducing commodity trading in Asia and we look forward to sharing our insights with you in these niche markets.

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Derivatives are financial instruments whose values are based on the prices of underlying securities, commodities or benchmarks. The most popular derivatives are futures and options which practitioners use for arbitrage, risk management and trading purposes. Retail investors can also deploy derivatives for protection and yield enhancement.

HSBC Broking offers broking services covering a comprehensive range of futures and options contracts traded at major exchanges around the world. Our team has rich expertise and proven success in helping sophisticated and experienced investors to execute their investment strategies with the use of derivatives.

Please note that trading services in respect of London Aluminum Mini Futures, London Zinc Mini Futures and London Copper Mini Futures have been suspended with effect from 13 July 2015.

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Being one of the derivative products we offer, Hong Kong stock options are a popular financial instrument which satisfy investors' versatile needs, e.g. leverage, hedging, arbitrage, profit lock and stock purchase at preset price etc.

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Initial Public Offers, Sub-underwriting and Placements
Hong Kong is an international financial center with a sophisticated infrastructure to attract capital flow. Our stock market offers depth and liquidity to investors which, helps Hong Kong to continuously remain an ideal hub for foreign and local enterprises to raise capital.

HSBC Broking is an experienced participant in regional equity capital markets and we are working closely with leading investment banks in sales and distribution. We provide initial public offer subscription services to our customers and professional investors have numerous opportunities to participate in sub-underwriting and placement transactions. Our customers enjoy comprehensive investment service privileges and beyond.

Margin Financing
Margin financing is the provision of loans to customers for the purposes of investing. Not all customers require this service, but it is a choice available to those who may need or want it.

We offer margin lending on most blue chips stocks, investment grade bonds and subscriptions for initial public offers. As a member of the HSBC Group, we have strong balance sheet and funding resources to provide competitive lending rates. Assets, as margin collaterals, which are held under our safe custody are properly accounted for in segregated accounts.

Capital Investment Entrant Scheme ("CIES") (Suspended for new application with effect from 15 January 2015 by The Government of the Hong Kong SAR)
CIES is a migration scheme offered by Government of the Hong Kong SAR. It enables eligible persons to migrate to Hong Kong through capital investment in the form of financial assets.

HSBC Broking is the leading and most experienced portfolio maintenance service provider and we have facilitated thousands of families to settle in Hong Kong since the scheme's inception in 2003. We offer one-stop solutions to investment in permissible financial assets, statutory reporting to the immigration department, and referrals to other professional services as needed.

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